Employment & Labour Law

We help employers and employees navigate complex rights and obligations specific to the employment relationship.

Helping employers make informed human resource decisions

For employers, sound human resource practices and positive employment relationships, can mean the difference between business success or failure.

Employers and human resource professionals count on us to provide carefully considered advice and strategic solutions at every stage of the employment relationship.  Getting it right at the time of hire or minimizing potential liability at the time of termination requires the right advice from the right employment lawyer.  We can help.

Helping employees protect their rights and interests

For employees, employment provides for financial security.  It is a means to earn a livelihood for themselves and their families.  It is also a source of dignity and self-respect.

When you are hired or when your employment is terminated you need the right advice from the right employment lawyer.  If you feel harassed or discriminated at work you need to understand your rights and options.  Failing to do so can have costly consequences.  We can help.


  • employment contracts and hiring
  • termination and severance (wrongful dismissal/constructive dismissal)
  • public and private sector labour relations (including applications for certification, collective agreement negotiation, unfair labour practice applications, jurisdictional disputes, arbitration and decertification)
  • employment standards compliance and due diligence
  • workplace policies, procedures and practices
  • human rights (including workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination)
  • performance management, workplace misconduct and discipline
  • workplace health and safety (including the defence of prosecutions under the Occupational Health and Safety Act)
  • workplace reorganization and restructuring
  • employment and labour issues in corporate transactions (purchase, sale, windup or insolvency)
  • workplace investigations
  • workplace litigation

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