Community Minded

We are committed not only to our clients, but also to our community. Here is how we are giving back.

Outside of work, our lawyers care about and contribute to the communities they live in. As part of our tradition, Sullivan Mahoney LLP supports the communities we serve through charitable donations, fundraisers and sponsorships.

Committed to the Community

Sullivan Mahoney LLP is committed to giving back to the community by supporting various non-profit organizations and fundraising activities. Priority is given to registered charities.

Donation, In-Kind, and Sponsorship/Advertising Requests

Corporate and in-kind donations (e.g. promotional items, hand-outs, prizes) of $1000 or less are available to support events, activities and organizations in the communities where we work and live.

Due to the high number of requests we receive, we have specific procedures and policies in place to evaluate each request, and we ask that you read the following information.

Request Requirements:

  • All requests must be emailed to
  • We do not accept printed, faxed or post mailed requests.
  • Requests must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the required response date.
  • Please include the following information:
    • Mailing address
    • Primary contact, telephone number and email address
    • Purpose of the organization and description of the event or activity as appropriate
    • Clearly outline the specific request (monetary donation, volunteer participation/presence, fundraising event ticket/table purchase, number/value of promotional items or prizes, advertising support or sponsorship details)
    • Clearly outline how any funds/donations will be used and how Sullivan Mahoney LLP will be acknowledged
    • Affiliation with Sullivan Mahoney LLP (if applicable)
    • CRA charitable registration number

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The requesting organization should be based or have presence in the geographic area of the Niagara Region where Sullivan Mahoney LLP conducts its business.
  • The requesting organization must be a not-for-profit organization and a registered charity.
  • The organization’s mandate and activities must be consistent with the values and commitment of Sullivan Mahoney LLP.
  • The amount in question must be appropriate in relation to the activity and benefits for the community.
  • Sullivan Mahoney LLP will consider one request per year per organization.
  • Sullivan Mahoney LLP is unable to donate to:
    • Individual applicants
    • For profit organizations
    • Professional development seminars and conferences
    • Employee recognition events
    • Political organizations/parties or lobbying groups
    • Religious groups
    • Independent schools
    • Travel expenses for educational or extracurricular groups
    • Any organizations that exclude based on race, gender, orientation, religion or any other discrimination
    • Events or activities taking place outside of the Niagara region.

Requests not meeting the above criteria or missing required information will not be considered for approval.

Due to the high number of requests submitted to Sullivan Mahoney LLP, we only contact charities that have been approved for a donation.